UV Printing

In UV printing, specially designed inks exposed to ultraviolet radiation, which causes immediate curing of the ink on the substrate. The result produces high gloss, vibrant colors and vivid details with superior abrasion resistance. The UV printing is very popular in applications such luxury cosmetics and wine labels.

Why UV printing?

  • Because it is environmentally friendly! Inks dry immediately with UV lamps, therefore no chemicals are released into the air.
  • It is fast! This means that your printout can be moved along the production line without stopping to dry!
  • It is more attractive! UV inks are more vivid as the ink does not require a long drying time.

Increase your benefit with more flexibility


Gain high productivity and ease of use

• Print indoor quality productively—up to 21.1 m2/hr (227 ft2/hr),3 and manage long runs with 3-liter HP ink supplies
• Efficient workflow lets you load, print, and collect media simultaneously
• Save time with multi-image, multi-size capability on up to 6 sheets at the same time and true full bleed
• New tabletop roll holder design for flexible substrates enables easy, fast, and efficient short-run printing


Count on a true workhorse that’s easy and compact

• Be print ready—rely on HP engineering for proven results and the backing of a partner you can trust
• Gain robust performance, sturdy media advance system, and heavy-duty tables—all in a space-saving design
• High uptime with automatic maintenance, printhead servicing, and HP Print Care maintenance assistance
• Safe work space with fully enclosed printer; HP UV-curable inks do not require special ventilation4