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Do you need your advertisment or marketing messages to stand next to you at all times? Then a roll up stand is what you need! Do you want a more stable construction of larger dimensions? Then you’re looking for a Spider stand! Do you want to have your brochures on demand? Then a magazine stand is just what you need!

Aemex manufactures and prints any stand, from ready-made solutions to custom made applications. We are able to offer the stands that will meet your advertising needs, and to guide you on the proper choice between a vast range available.

We offer the following types of stand:

  • Roll up
  • Heavy Duty Roll upDoubles
  • DoubleSide Roll up
  • Twin Banners
  • Triple Banners
  • Scrolling Roll
  • Wall Picture
  • L Banners
  • X Banners
  • Aluminium Stands
  • Plexiglass Stands
  • Metal Stands
  • Wooden Stands
  • Table Stands
  • Magazine Stands
  • Spider
  • Kappa Mount
  • Frames

“Bring out the forms or your advertising message in the most professional way…”