Solvent printing

The printing technology with solvents (solvent printing) enhances the range of merchantability and promotional opportunities as it offers a very flexible character. You are able to print on wood, glass, metal, plastic, fabric, ceramics and many other materials.

Printing with solvents offers photorealistic print quality, and offers features such as gradients, glow effects and others that are not achieved with traditional methods such as screen printing.

Printing with solvents offers advantages not achieved with traditional prints

Roland SOLJET PRO 4 XF-640

How fast can you print without sacrificing quality? Meet the SOLJET PRO 4 XF-640, Roland’s fastest printer ever. Featuring the industry’s latest print head technology, the XF-640 delivers exceptional image quality at the highest speeds. Durable construction and advanced media handling systems stabilize every movement of the printer for flawless imaging. Powerful RIP software automates the workflow for easy operation and reliable results. With the XF-640, the ultimate in performance and precision come together in one ironclad production platform, a great profit center for your business.

The XF-640 features dual print heads that are based on the industry’s most advanced inkjet technology and positioned in a staggered formation to maximize your productivity. This unique design allows the XF-640 to achieve a maximum speed of 102m2/h Staggered head configurationfor banner printing, two and a half times the speed of the previous model.* To capture every nuance in your design, each head fires precise droplets in seven different sizes. From signs and banners to vehicle graphics, POP and wraps of all kinds, the XF-640 delivers exceptional results throughout the longest production runs.

SEIKO ColorPainter M-64s

The newly-developed eco solvent SX inks offer a wide color gamut, high vividness, high density, excellent outdoor durability and low running costs in addition to the low level of odor. Overall performance of SX inks meets the customers demand for higher productivity and better workplace environment. The SX inks achieve high-density colors and details in dark areas. The ColorPainter M-64s meets customers’ needs for sharp, clear and bright backlit signs.

With improved algorithms and masking technology, the 4th generation of Smart Pass Technology now more effectively reduces overspray and eliminates pass-to-pass banding. Optimizing the effect for each print mode, SP4 brings superb image quality to versatile applications. Also, the ColorPainter M-64s 7-color model offers gray ink in addition to the standard 6-color configuration. Gray ink configuration creates real monochrome images without color shifts and offers the best image quality and smooth gradients.

SEIKO ColorPainter H-74s

ColorPainter H-104s/H-74s achieves class-fastest printing speed of 50 smph (538 sfph)* with 8 colors and 100 smph (1,075 sfph)* with 4 colors while maintaining extremely high image quality and color density, and meets the requirements for professional quality outdoor graphics and high volume users.

Newly developed print head enables outstanding print speed of 100 smph (1,075 sfph)* at draft mode (4-color print). The ColorPainter H-104s/H-74s is the best suited printer for large format banners and high volume printing in short turnaround times. A new high speed multi-drop print head controls the amount of ink appropriate for the resolution of each print mode. You can print large format signs at 360 dpi, without decreasing print density and head speed.

SIIT’s reputable banding reduction function is improved further. In addition to the productivity-oriented function, ColorPainter H-104s/H-74s is equipped with image quality-oriented function to be capable of versatile applications. Small texts and thin lines in short distance application, and spot colors and gradients can be printed more sharply and clearly.

Eco Solvent Printer A-Starjet 7702L

The Seventh Generation (DX7) Micro Piezo Printing Technology
As the advanced version of the DX-5 head, DX-7 head stands for the better reliability and stability. Besides better ink droplets and consistency, the working life of the print head has improved dramatically. The DX7 is much more durable than DX5 for the eco-solvent ink printing. A-Starjet 7702L printer is equipped with two high efficient DX-7 print heads, and it is proved to have 15% print speed increasing.

Expertise on High Precision Large Format Printer Manufacturing
We put high precision 3.2m super-wide photo printer in mass-production for years, and this series of printers is very mature and stable products of Terminator. Thus, our company becomes one of the rare factory can manufacture 3.2m super-wide photo printer in the world. It is totally under-estimate, if you think you only can use A-Starjet 7702L to print two rolls of 1.5m width media at same time. This beast can meet the demands of many special markets and far beyond your imagination, its uniqueness is the guarantee of your profit and fortune.

Best Printer Ever Made to Possess
A-Starjet7702L printer has the best combination, super-wide and high precision. It does not only meet the demands of regular advertising printing, but also can accept special orders of super-wide size to get better profit. A-Starjet 7702L printer is also suitable for the mature company to increase productivity and bring up new business opportunities.