Outdoor Signage

Put on your best face!

A banner, an inscription or a complete building wrapping sends direct messages to the public, which are your potential customers … Do not let them pass you by, it’s time to become extrovert!

A well-featured exterior sign not only can highlight your business strengths, but also can be a very powerful tool for direct communication, which will be updated periodically to continuously gain the interest of consumers.

Aemex can undertake the entire process of external marking, from a simple illuminated sign all the way to custom made designs, special constructions and installations in any premises.

We can undertake:

  • Printing on canvas, special for outdoor use
  • Print a polymeric adhesive, special for outdoor use, 5-7 years warranty
  • Outfitting buildings
  • External banner / signage shops
  • Illuminated signs, street signs
  • Pillars of any type and size

“Spread your competitive advantages. Show off your products or your services. Do not let passersby, just pass … ”