Lambda Prints

When the quality of color performance plays the leading role …

When the target is to focus on the details or when the aim is to produce a photorealistic print of high quality, then Lambda prints are just what you need.

Capable of outputting a yield of 4.000 dpi and 68 billion tonalities in any small or large area, Lambda prints are ideal for prints related to cosmetics or jewelry, where the slightest detail is important. Also, Lambda prints are extremely popular when it comes to photo exhibitions or extremely accurate reproductions, where stable tones required high density of colors.

By using the Lambda RGB lasers the overall picture is clear, precise from one end to another and with no distortion, while allowing local processing of the tone of color when necessary (eg face skin, sky etc).

Any premium printing need finds it’s absolute solution in Lambda prints!

We can undertake :

  • Printing on photo paper mat / gloss or metal
  • Prints for photo exhibitions and paste in K-mount
  • Duratrans Prints for light boxes

Absolute clarity, unbeatable quality and attention to detail…


Discover the endless possibilities of Lambda Prints!