Indoor Signage

“Gain consumers interest”

A smart indoor signage not only can add character to a space by highlighting the philosophy and aesthetics of each brand, but also can guide the consumer, in order to enhance sales.

Do you have blank walls? Are there shelves that require marking information for the consumer? Do you have small or large shop windows you’d like to take better advantage of? Do you need marking to guide your visitors? Whatever your need, Aemex may propose flexible solutions  through a wide range of materials to produce a high definition printing and placement on your site.

We convey the vibrancy of colors and images in any interior or shop windows, each time using the materials required to earn interest and the consumer’s attention.

We can print:

  • Stickers for wall or shop windows
  • One way Sticker for glass partition
  • Canvas with special treatments (seams, grommets etc.)
  • Floor graphics in patterns of your choice, for the floor decoration
  • PVC (thickness of 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 mm.) for advertising constructions
  • Kapa line (thickness 3, 5, 10 mm.) For kartolines or special markings with trimming machines
  • Backlit for illuminated signs

“Every space hides a story … every brand has a philosophy.

We are there for you to highlight what you want to communicate to your customers …”